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Job details
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Company: الشهاب للإستشارات والتوظيف / ALSHIHAB CONSULTING HR
Job Title: Gastroenterologist
Job Category: Health Services  [ View All Health Services Jobs ]
Job Reference: Gastroenterologist _Badamdar
Job description:


Badamdar clinic

The Institute: Badamdar clinic
Badambar Clinic
The healthcare sector in Azerbedjian is in the stage of gradual development. The hospitals are either public enterprises or privately run. The former offer basic treatment and are not very highly ranked. The private hospitals and clinics have made a name for themselves. They house state of the art equipment and conduct elaborate testing procedures. The staff and technicians are well trained. The doctors are all qualified and take proper care of the patients. The international hospitals have the same facilities as the private ones. They also have visiting doctors from abroad.
The government of Azerbaijan is trying hard to develop the healthcare facilities to a standard that can be labelled as sophisticated. A chain of projects both in public and private sector have been initiated and supported by Azeri VIP Government representatives. They invested millions to equipment and infrastructure and now they are starting to invest into peoples/processes/know¬how. Via European trained/experienced specialists coming to Azerbaijan and sharing their experience and knowledge they aim to bring European standards to Healthcare System in Azerbedjan.
One of these projects is the Badambar Clinic, situated in Baku (+ 2.000.000 people), the capital, oldest city, largest city and largest port of Azerbaijan. It has been started in 2011, covering 6600m²: ¬the main clinic (area of 2500m²) ¬main outpatient building: Outpatient units, Treatment units, Radiology and Laboratory unit. -emergency building (area of 1000m²)
See also:¬proje cts/96-badambar¬clinic.html


The Position: Gastroenterologist


To treat and diagnose patients who suffer from any gastrointestinal issue and to pass trough experience and knowledge to the local medical staff, supporting them to obtain European Standards of Work.


*The gastroenterologist wil see and treat patients who suffer from any gastrointestinal issue, diagnosing and treating any disorder, disease, or irregularity that pertains to the digestive tract (including the esophagus, stomach, small and large intestine,

problems of the individual patients are. He will perform a physical exam, regularly working with the notes and recommendations of a primary care physician or a colleague gastroenterologist. *He will define the requested treatment plan, prescribing medication or performing necessary surgeries that are required to fix any problems within this area of the body. Correct diagnosis and providing friendly, proper treatment is essential, so recognizing the several severe and less severe conditions that can affect the digestive system is important. *He also needs to Keep a good relationship with other specialists will also be key in order to make sure the patient can be referred to another specialist when needed. *Patient care is the most important aspect of this job, but along with it come many other responsibilities to bring the gastroenterology department to a European standard of medical care and functioning. As the medical reference senior consultant, the gastroenterologist will strongly be involved in the clinical/medical management and upgrading of the department, working in close cooperation to the local Head of Department and the Belgian Referral Hospital. *He will analyze existing means (equipment, technical resources, human resources) and bring optimizations or improvements where needed. *He will support and train colleague¬specialists in order to develop their technical skills.

3. PLACE WITHIN THE COMPANY The function is situated within the division of Internal Medicine The function reports to Department Head People reporting to this position: to be determined


The request of the Badamdar Polyclinic to attract Western Trained consultants in order to increase level of care.


Gross Salary: estimated average EU salary: 12.000€/month ¬15.000€/month (based on the ideal profile) @ a interesting tax rate + to Six weeks Annual Vacation + Provision of Furnished Housing + Yearly Round Trip ticket to Point of Hire (2 tickets) + Full Medical Coverage + Opportunity to Travel (Europe, Asia, Middle East )



An experienced, western trained MD, Specialist Gastroenterology, with good communication skills, willing to bring his knowledge and experience to the hospital.


¬Licensed Gastroenterologist: 1) Possed the amount of training and/or a degree from an accredited Medical University 2)Completed the accredited program of Cardiology 3) Passed a national exam 4) Got licence in the state they practice in. Gastroenterologists initially study and train in internal medicine (MD + 3 years), and then subspecialize in gastroenterology by completing an additional three¬five years of training, called a fellowship. ¬Fellowship from Western Europe or equivalent (New Zealand/ Australia/ Canada/ USA…) ¬For a Consultant position, five years of experience after the post qualification degree ¬(Western) Board Certification or equivalent: EBGH/ABMS/CAG/AGA(European /American /Canadian..) or CCST /CCT /MRCOG (UK & Ireland) or FRCP (Canada), Facharzt (Germany) or DIS/DES and member of Order de Medicine (France)…


At least 5 years of experience as gastroenterologist, after graduation as Specialist Internal Medicine, with proven skills in Gastroscopy/Colonoscopy & Ultrasound.

Alternative 2: Trained in Eastern Europe, Experienced in Western Europe, Western Board Membership

Alternative 3: Trained in Eastern Europe, Experienced in Eastern Europe, Fellowships in Western Europe
English: Fluent Other: Russian is an advantage
Word: practical knowledge Excell: practical knowledge Acces: ¬Powerpoint: practical knowledge Othere: local IT programs & examination tools
Communication skills (speaking and listening). Candidates must be able to express their ideas orally and to understand verbal instructions (listening skills). These skills contribute to an employee's success in all of the following areas: interviewing, making presentations at or conducting meetings; negotiating and resolving conflict; leading; being assertive; teaching or coaching others; working in a team; giving supervisors feedback ; talking and listening to patients, handle complaints and solve their problems.
Problem¬solving skills include the ability to recognize and define problems, invent and implement solutions, and track and evaluate results. Creative thinking not only requires the ability to understand problem¬solving techniques, but also to transcend logical and sequential thinking, making the leap to innovation. Unresolved problems create dysfunctional relationships in the workplace. At work, creative thinking is generally expressed through the process of creative problem solving. Creative solutions help the organization to move forward toward strategic goals.
Self¬esteem Another key to effectiveness is good personal management. Self-esteem, motivation/goal setting, and employability/career development skills are critical because they impact individual morale which in turn plays a significant role in an institutions ability to achieve bottom line results. Motivation/goal setting is the combination of desire, values, and beliefs that drives you to take action. These three motivating factors, and/or lack of them, are at the root of why people behave the way they do. When motivation originates from an internal source and is combined with a realistic goal and circumstance, the odds of a good outcome are greatly increased. These skills will increase the ability to actively manage worklife in a rapidly changing environment and will enable employees to survive and even thrive in times of great change.

Group effectiveness is the move toward participative decision making and problem solving inevitably decreases the potential for disagreement. Interpersonal skills help employees recognize and improve their ability to determine appropriate self¬behaviour, cope with undesirable behaviour in others, absorb stress, deal with ambiguity, structure social interaction, share responsibility, and interact more easily with others.
Teamwork skills are critical for improving individual task accomplishment because practical innovations and solutions are reached sooner through cooperative behaviour. Negotiation and teamwork skills are critical for the effective functioning of teams as well as for individual acceptance in an organization. Change strategies are usually dependent upon the ability of employees to pull together and refocus on the new common goal.
Leadership At its most elementary level, leadership means that one person influences another. An organization that supports the concepts of shared leadership encourages employees at all levels to assume this role where it is appropriate. The function of leadership include stating basic values, announcing goals, organizing resources, reducing tensions between individuals, creating coalitions, coalescing workers, and encouraging better performance. There is a direct correlation between the implementation of shared leadership practice and product improvement, higher morale, and innovative problem solving, which leads to a more hospitable environment for instituting change.
Language requirements:
  • Arabic-good
  • English-good
  • French-good
Employment type:
  • Contract
  • Full Time
Salary Range: 15000 EURO
Other Information
Degree: Doctorate
Experience (year): 3-5 years
Job Location: Azerbaijan
Post Date: 08/04/2012
Contact Instructions: CV En Anglais ou Arabe Avec Photo et copies des diplômes

Bureau Alshihab Consulting HR

Adresse : Tunis Montplaisir, Centre Babel, 3éme aÉtage, Bureau N°6.

Ou Par E-Mail


Pour Plus De Renseignement Téléphonez AU : 71-906-002 / 50509980 /
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